Internal rules of the park

This regulation was conceived, above all, to assure the safety of your children in a healthy environment. Royal Kids reserves the right to exclude any individual not respecting its regulation.


Conditions of access

very person entering the premises of Royal Kids Park . This one allows him to reach the set of the structures of games in a unlimited way the day of its visit with the exception of the structures for which a complementary price is required. Any release is defi- nitive.

Only the children accompanied with an adult can be admitted in the park. Every child in the park has to be under the responsibility and the surveillance of an adult (more than 18 years). Likewise, no adult not accompanying a child from 0 to 12 years old will be authorized to access the park premises.

For reasons of hygiene and safety precautions, the access to the sets can be made only in socks. Socks are for sale in the reception.

Drinks and food coming from outside the premises are forbidden: within the park, the space snack bar is provided you with. Only baby food can result from the outside.

Smoking ban, forbidden animals.


Hygiene and Safety

The parents can accompany the quite small within the baby-park to remove their shoes and to wear socks or low.

Any drink or food is formally forbidden inside the structures of sets. Any objects which can present a risk of wound (glasses, jewels, belts, slings and scarfs, hair tongs, as well as any clothes containing belts, laces, cords or hoods, knives and cutters) are forbidden inside the structures of games sets.

The users make a commitment to release equip- ments and safety zones which surround them with any obstacle not being an integral part of the game, in particular with objects belonging to them and that they brought within the establishment.



Royal Kids disclaims all liability, in case of damage or accident, in the absence of an appropriate supervi- sion and of a use of the structures of sets in normal or reasonably predictable conditions.

Royal Kids disclaims all liability in case of flight, of loss or of deterioration of objects left in the whole of the establishment.

These clauses are not applicable if is demonstrated the existence of a contractual negligence committed by Royal Kids


Safety Rules and use of the structures

The present children within the park Royal Kids are under the full responsibility and the surveillance of the adults guides.

The adult guide is in charge of informing the child of the diverse safety instructions and of enforcing them to him.

The structures of sets are exclusively reserved for the children from 0 to 12 years old. The age, the capacity and the warnings indicated on every struc- ture of games(sets) must be respected.Specific play areas are reserved for the youngest from 0 to 4 years old and to the children from 4 to 12 years old.

In case a child would be in trouble inside a structure, the responsible guide will have to warn the team of Royal Kids for intervention.

Any degradation made for the sets or the structures by a child or adult will be under the full responsibi- lity of the accompanying adult and can leads to legal actions.For obvious reasons of safety, it is strictly forbidden to climb on the outer nets of the struc- tures, to go up or to lower slides or sledging strip in the opposite direction, to take out the mobile games of their spaces.The users make a commitment to respect safety zones, in particular around entrances and taken out of the various modules of present games in the park, to avoid the clashes between the children using the equipment and those who do not use him.


Birthdays Royal Kids

During a birthday, the presence permanently of a parent or responsible adult is compulsory.

Royal Kids calls back that all the children invited for the birthday is under the responsibility of the res- ponsible adult.


All the team of Royal Kids thanks you for your responsible attention

and wishes you a very good time within

the park.

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